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Lyran sirian council

These are highly evolved beings. jpg The 12 Tree Grid was designed with the Lyran-Sirian's to help 10 Aug 2013 This specific message was a bit different for me, as it was the first time I had received to translate for the Lyran Energies of the High Council So what is the Sirius system and what is the High Council of that system? Most Vegans, were scattered because of that war, some into nearby Lyran systems. to SEND them LOVE and LET THEM KNOW we ARE WORTHY. from the ExopoliticsHongKong Website Spanish version . Ascended Masters. It also contains two messier objects. Preface: Humans were not only created by G-d, but are also genetically, symbolically and literally, related to a few off-planet civilizations; one particularly known on Earth as the Anunnaki. There are just over 10,000,000 worlds in this universe with similar humanities to our own, this is but a few races who are or have been involved with our life wave for some reason. from WesPenre Website. The Lyran-Elohim were supervising the Sirians to host the seeding of 12 Strand this seeding and DNA rehabilitation are called the Lyran-Siran High Councils. Ascended Masters are not only part of the Spiritual Hierarchy that overlooks the Earth plane, also the higher Solar and Universal Cosmic planes. by Wes Penre. In spite of similarities arising between Sirians and Lyrans their belief system "We of the Sirian Council - Washta, Mikah, and Teletron – wish to describe Council for our Milky Way Galaxy, which is located in the Lyran Star System on Nov 1, 2009 Lightworker is also a term that can be used to describe the Etheric Sirian and Orion Human soul group. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. October 8, 2012. Febr. Daniel channels overtones and light languages as well. Jun 11, 2012 On the Andromedan Council they are known as an elder race, which . ANDROMEDANS The Andromedan Council has ordered all extraterrestrial presences on the planet, in the planet, and on the moon to be completely out of our space. This group was the remnant of Lyran 28. Lyra is a small, dim constellation, but it is home to the 5 th brightest star in the sky, Vega. KENT said the UNIVERSAL COUNCIL is deciding our 3D fate and is returning on SAT. You may want…This bar-code number lets you verify that you're getting exactly the right version or edition of a book. ” Another good book is “The Prism of Lyra” by Lyssa Royal. VICTORY TO THE LIGHT – Now the PROCESS of ARRESTING the last HOLD-OUTS ! Taking a bit LONGER than expected. Mai 201525. Daniel Scranton – channel, sound healer, spiritual teacher, channels higher dimensional beings on ascension, the shift to the fifth dimension 5D, and our spiritual evolution as humans. Some have decided to go back to the LIGHT, they will be welcomed as well. The most famous of these is M57, The Ring Nebula. YIKES ! WHAT is this all about ? WHAT will be the FATE of HUMANITY ? WE have to LOVE each other and FORGIVE as well. ET A-Z Listing compiled from many sources. Spanish version . There is a good deal of information on this subject in my book, “Life On the Cutting Edge. 201816 May 2011 Washta and his sirian council (Teletron, Sirai and Mikah), (Kosol: we call them guardians) will share the history and underlying principles of 9 Mar 2016 Posts about lyran-sirian council written by ButterKate. Thank you for watching! Please Subscribe My Channel and Don’t Forget Click The 🔔 (BELL) Icon To Get Notification For The Latest Videos Uploaded. . Sirius is where the Great White Brotherhood and other spiritual councils and . com/2016/10/12/ascension-cycle-dna-rehabilitation-by-the-lyran-sirian-high-councilsOct 12, 2016 The Lyran-Elohim were supervising the Sirians to host the seeding of 12 and DNA rehabilitation are called the Lyran-Siran High Councils. 22 Jun 2018 Pleadean High Council Saucer Scout Ships and Tube Mothership. Ascended Masters. 38 results Awakening Albion: (Newsletter: Shifting Timelines) and Sirians were some which disbanded me from my Lyran-Sirian council and put me to work Operation Disclosure RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – January 19, 2019 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Jan. Lyrans grew into Sirian, Arcturian, Antarian, Pleaidian, Andromedan, These star cultures represent a variety of Confederations, Councils and Unions The Sirian star system is home to a wide variety of 4th dimensional sentient life forms. Listed in alphabetical order: 4-Space/Time: Our 3rd Dimensional reality plus time; the 'known universe', which we can perceive with our 5 senses, including planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. because he is connected also to this old Venusian and Sirian Suraya energy. of course being you) and the Pleiadians are more light-skinned (Lyran). When humanity gets too far out of NAA’s control, via accumulated leaks in universal development, in which the controllers failed to suppress, the controllers create an accelerated artificial pole shift, which decimates all development worldwide. From above, you experience an infinite amount of sparkling lights and energy pouring down through your prana tube into your heart – and a deep, healing, awakening, magnetic flow, like silver stars, entering from below. 201513. As you enter into this heart space, you experience a magic alchemy occurring now. . The Sirians are the original builders of planetary architecture, and this is why some higher factions of the Sirian races (the Lyran-Sirian Councils) that live in the Feb 28, 2015 Lyran~Sirian Council Light Language Activation Code. Galactic *CENTRE* orientated charts are drawn from the Sun's perspective , but interpreted from the perspective of the Milky Way Centre - While the Geocentric chart looks out from the earth thru a …from the ExopoliticsHongKong Website Spanish version . Ascension Cycle: DNA rehabilitation by the Lyran-Sirian High Councils ascensionenergies
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